Hear about Plaster Pricer from Eastern Ranges Plastering

Plaster Pricer is the tool that needs to be in every plasterer's toolbox.

Do you prepare plastering quotes for builders?

Does quoting take up time you would rather spend with your family or on the golf course?

Do you sometimes lose money on a job because you stuffed up a quote or forgot to include something?

Do you have to hunt around for an old notebook, or re-measure a job, when a builder rings you six months after you quoted and asks you to go ahead?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Plaster Pricer is for you.

Plaster Pricer helps you record how many sheets of plaster are needed, as well as cornice, battens, stud adhesive and almost every other sundry you ever use

It sends this information over the internet from your tablet to your office and automatically creates an order in your accounting software - so your office manager can see exactly what you entered, and your accounting software can apply your own personalised prices to the measure, ready to send to your supplier if you get the job.

It permanently stores the information on the Plaster Pricer servers, so you can always retrieve it from ANY iPad or computer - even from your new iPad if you drop your original one from a 2nd floor balcony.

Turning up to quote with an iPad helps you and your business look more professional and reliable than someone scribbling on the back of a bit of 70x35.